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Commercial grade lock sets are engineered to provide years of dependable service in demanding commercial industrial environments. 
Replaces all brands of commercial door hardware. Deadlocking latch bolt operated by either knob or lever when unlocked. 
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Door can always be opened from the inside but key is needed to lock or unlock from the outside.  Latch bolt: stainless steel.
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No lever sag after 8 million cycles.
The SARGENT T-Zone sets a higher standard for Grade 1 bored-in locks. The unique T-Zone construction provides unequalled strength and durability for the most demanding applications such as schools and hospitals. 

This is accomplished by true interlocking between the lockbody and the latch far exceeding the 156.2Series 4000 Grade 1 standards like no other lock can.
Maximum Strength & Durability

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* True interlocking between the cast/ machined stainless steel lockbody and latch. 

  • Provides unequalled strength and durability
* Independent Testing proves: - Exceeds 10 TIMES ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 
* Grade 1 standard for cycle testing. Over 8 MILLION cycles!
* Withstands 3-1/2 TIMES ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 Grade 1 torque force on a locked lever. Over 3000 in/lbs!
* Virtually no lever sag even after 8 million cycles
* In a class of its own! This lock raises the bar and sets new standards!
* 10 Year limited warranty. No service required to maintain warranty 
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The panic door hardware alarm is generally powered by a 9-volt battery. A lock cylinder within the panic bar is used to turn the alarm on and off. When turning on the alarm feature, there is typically a delay of around 15 seconds.New Jersey Locksmith The purpose of this delay is that it allows you to turn on the alarm and exit through the door without activating the alarm.The alarm is activated when someone pushes on the bar attempting to use the door as a way to exit a building. Once the alarm is tripped, it will continue to sound until it is either turned off with a key or consumes all of the power from the 9-volt battery. When the alarm is turned off, the alarm will not sound again until the alarm is reset by turning the key to the “On” position and waiting for the completion of the 15-second delay.

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Deadbolt style panic alarms are also available. With this type of alarm, one is able to exit through the door by pushing on the panic bar, retracting the deadbolt and sounding the alarm.New Jersey Locksmith This alarm also needs to be shut off with a key. The difference with this style is that the door does not relock upon closing. There will be outside access until the door is secured by extending the deadbolt into the locked position and resetting the alarm. New Jersey Locksmith The deadbolt style panic alarm provides more security over the self-latching panic bar. One needs to choose the device that best suits the opening.

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The origins of Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. date back over 100 years, placing the company among the oldest in the Southern California business community
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Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. today designs, manufactures and markets door and door hardware products to the commercial, industrial and institutional building construction industry. Our product line includes locks, latches, electric strikes and exit devices for exterior and interior doors as well as integrated door assemblies. Adams Rite sells its builders hardware products in both the United States and abroad, and is recognized as one of the leading suppliers in its area of specialization.
New Jersey Locksmith  Our products are designed to complement the clean lines of modern doors, while at the same time meeting safety and access codes.

In February of 2002, Adams Rite formed a new company, Markar Architectural Products, Inc., that brings continuous hinges, and door components into a single source solution for the building and construction industry.
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Please check our link at to see the products and services that Markar offers.
The International Organization for Standardization was formed in 1946 to create worldwide standards for global markets. Today, ISO 9001 is the worldwide recognized standard for quality system management.New Jersey Locksmith This standard establishes requirements and guidelines for companies to follow in putting together a quality assurance system. The standard is then expanded by people who are familiar with their own industry—what goes right, what goes wrong, along with the solutions—so the standard evolves into a unique process for each company.

Adams Rite is currently registered as ISO 2001:2000 by Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc.® and the Markar division is ISO-9001-2000. Adams Rite and Markar continue to exceed even the most stringent requirements of ISO 9001 to ensure superior customer satisfaction.
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In 2006, Adams Rite was acquired by the ASSA ABLOY Group, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, meeting tough end-user demands for safety, security and user friendliness. The Group has some 30,000 employees and annual sales of about EUR 3 billion.

As we develop new and innovative products, Adams Rite continues its tradition of hardware that not only performs beyond expectations, but also is aesthetically pleasing in any application.