NJ Residential High Security Locksmith Installation & Repair Services

Whether your home is a single-family dwelling, condominium, apartment, duplex, planned community or a dormitory room, you deserve to feel safe. Perception is not reality when it comes to your safetyNew Jersey Locksmith

Lock Jaw Security 1001 Door Security Device offers an effective and affordable way to protect any dwelling that has a single cylinder deadbolt on its door.New Jersey Locksmith
 Lock Jaw Security has been engineered and tested to prevent deadbolts from being picked or bumped (with a bump key).

 Lock Jaw is so secure that use of the actual key will still not allow entry to be compromised. Simple, yet effective. Unfortunately, published statistics indicate that over 38% of violent crimes occur at home and over 51% result in physical injury.New Jersey Locksmith A burglary occurs every 15 seconds. Lock Jaw is easy to use and literally offers "Security at your Fingertips." There are no other products on the market that can do what Lock Jaw does. 

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It is made of a high-grade alloy with polished, titanium brass plating and a protected seal to last for years. It attaches only to the door, not to the door trim. New Jersey Locksmith By preventing the thumb latch of the deadbolt from turning you are preventing the bolt from retracting back into the door. Lock Jaw is portable--it can be installed with a variety of temporary methods such as double-side stick tape.

 Lock Jaw works with all of the most common single cylinder deadbolts regardless of the configuration/orientation of the thumb latch. Operation of Lock Jaw is very easy and quick (2 seconds). Children, seniors, ones with moderate arthritis or confined to wheelchairs are easily able to operate Lock Jaw.

 A simple, do-it-yourself installation.New Jersey Locksmith Permanent installation requires inserting two small screws. No templates or locksmiths are necessary for installation. Installed in 5 minutes or less. Achieving ultimate protection, security and safety! Real peace of mind against lock bumping and lock picking, or use of unauthorized keys is now achieved by Lock Jaw.

NJ Locksmith Safe Home with Medeco's axial rotation 

The M3 (or m3) is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by Medeco. The pin tumblers use axial rotation to interface with a sidebar located at 3 o'clock in the plug. It also features a spring biased slider that restricts movement of the sidebar until properly positioned. 

New Jersey LocksmithThe M3 is easily identified by the "m3" logo to the left of the keyway.
It is called the M3 because it is the third generation of Medeco's axial rotation system, following the Medeco Original and Medeco Biaxial designs. The M3 provides enhanced master keying capabilities when compared with previous models,  The M3 slider component is also used in the Medeco Bilevel.

$1.79. That's about how much it costs for a thief to get your key duplicated at any one of more than 30,000 hardware or 26,000 discount stores nationwide.New Jersey Locksmith
How did they get your key?
Ever given your key to a babysitter or petsitter?
How about a maid or cleaning service?
Or a parking lot attendant or valet?
How about your garage mechanic?

Even an unskilled thief can get a copy of your key made by writing down the code stamped on it —and it only takes moments. Locks provide no protection if others can copy your keys!

And how about the locks on your doors? If they are like most locks available at many retail stores, they have very limited combinations — meaning the chances of your neighbor's key fitting your door are as high as 1 in 50.

It could happen to you!

Exceeds ANSI Grade 1 standard for auxiliary locks. Solid brass, free turning collar and 1/4 inch diameter mounting bolts resist wrenching, prying and hammering attacks. 1 inch throw hardened steel bolt resists sawing and crowbar attacks. Hardened steel inserts and rotating pins provide drill and pick resistance according to UL 437 standard. The Medeco3® design offers a utility patent that provides protection against unauthorized key duplication.

Features & Benefits:

Bolt mechanism designed to accommodate both mortise and drive-in applications, which provide greater flexibility and ease of installation.
Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks.

Large thumbturn provides ease of use by physically challenged individuals.

Steel shroud over bolt protects against “ice pick” type attacks.

High security strike plate has a special box design with 2” screws that anchor the strike directly to the building structure behind the frame, preventing “kick-in” type attacks.

Hardened steel bolt and bolt throwing mechanism are surrounded by a heavy-gauge tubular steel housing for maximum resistance to crowbar attacks.

Solid brass design is secured with high-tensile steel mounting bolts for maximum resistance against hammer and prying attacks.
Utility patented key control, (for cylinders that incorporate the Medeco3 design), provides protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys.

A special elevating and rotating pin tumbler design, along with false slots on the bottom pins, mushroom top pins and a sidebar mechanism, work together, to provide superior pick resistance.

Angled cuts on the keys, along with fore and aft positioning, in the Medeco3 design, provide added dimensions that dramatically increases key combinations and enables Medeco® to produce some of the largest master key systems in the industry.

Hardened steel inserts, positioned in critical areas of the cylinder, provide a high degree of drill resistance.

8 different finishes provide an extremely close color match with existing hardware.

UL437 listing provides assurance that cylinders meet universal standards for drill and pick resistance and resistance against other types of forced attack.
2 year warranty offers assurance of product quality and factory support in the rare event there is a problem.