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Stop unknown individuals from getting inside multi-tenant buildings. Residents can verify callers and release the door for admittance. 

NJ Locksmith also provides an elevator control for guests to access only the floor of the tenant they are visiting. Ideal for small and large-scale complexes with mulitple units. NJIntercom.com
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Securing homes is imperative these days. 
Families want to feel protected in their home environment without an obtrusive system in place. 

Residential applications range from internal communications within the home to screening visitors before allowing them inside.New Jersey Locksmith

New Jersey Intercom over IP adaptor

Screen callers at a concierge station. A concierge can verify a visitor, call a tenant, and/or refuse entry to an undesirable person

Concierge screening is an additional layer of security, keeping the public from accessing tenant homes. Integrate with both existing CCTV and access control systems for a fully protected building.
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NJ Locksmith Wide angle camera 

Keep families safe from unwanted visitors without having to meet them at the door. 
Using video entry intercoms to replace a doorbell allow users to see and speak with people before letting them inside. If the family is away, missing a visitor is no longer an issue using a system with automatic recording capabilities.New Jersey Locksmith


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