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We specializes in the design and installation of closed circuit television security systems 

for your home or business. Our showroom has fully functioning security systems on display. 

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During the consult phase we discuss your objectives, demonstrate the capabilities of modern security systems and help clarify the possibilities.

Modern security systems utilize digital video recorders. 

Data from the video cameras is stored on a hard drive. The recent increase in hard drive sizes allows for the storage of greater and greater amounts of video. 

If you can store more video you can look farther back in time. It is often the case that video data needs to be replayed some time after the event. There is flexibility here, we can install hard drives of various sizes; the amount of video data is directly proportional to hard drive size.
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All data on digital video recorders is accessed via software. The software you use determines the features that you get, from simple features like playback to complex features like face detection, all are provided by the software. 

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SCS configures and installs various digital video recorders with various degrees of functionality. Software demonstrations can be performed upon request.

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Prior to system installation it is important for us to visit the property in order to determine, camera placement, number of cameras and the wiring involved. After the site visit a price can be finalized. We recommend to our customers that they visit our showroom, consult with us about their options and when they feel ready they can schedule a technician visit. Our goal is to provide an optimized system, optimal cost and optimal effectiveness.

NJ Locksmith Video Live Remote access

  • Two-way audio via a single network cable, allowing users to communicate with what they are seeing (e.g. gas station clerk assisting a customer on how to use the prepay pumps)
  • Higher image resolution: IP cameras have a resolution of at least 640x480 and can provide multi-megapixel resolution andHDTV image quality at 30 frames per second.
  • Flexibility: IP cameras can be moved around anywhere on an IP network (including wireless).New Jersey Locksmith
  • Distributed intelligence: with IP cameras, video analytics can be placed in the camera itself allowing scalability in analytics solutions.
  • Transmission of commands for PTZ (pantiltzoom) cameras via a single network cable.

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  • Encryption & authentication: IP cameras offer secure data transmission through encryption and authentication methods such as WEPWPAWPA2TKIPAES.New Jersey Locksmith
  • Remote accessibility: live video can be viewed from any computer, anywhere, and also from many mobile devices including iPhoneiPod touch, and Windows Live Messenger on selected cameras.
  • Cost-advantage for larger systems. Studies show that for systems with less than 16 cameras, analog technology is cheaper, between 16 and 32 they are equal, and beyond 32 cameras, IP-based systems are more cost-effective.
  • IP cameras are also able to function on a wireless network. Initial configuration has to be done through a router; after the IP camera is installed it can then be used on the wireless network These cameras are used in navigation purpose in defence forces.
  • PoE - Power over ethernet. Modern IP cameras have the ability to operate without an additional power supply. They can work with the PoE-protocol which gives power via the ethernet-cable