New Jersey High Security Products Installation 

High Security NJ Locksmith
The next-generation High Security platform

with patented key control MT5®, the new-generation High Security cylinder platform, is Mul-T-Lock’s newest response to the needs and requests of millions of customers around the world. Listening to our markets, and utilizing decades of know-how and innovation, we have created an advanced solution - designed to enhance the peace of mind of 21st century consumers.NJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 

The new MT5 platform includes multiple locking mechanisms, providing either dual (MT5®) or triple (MT5®+) patented locking for enhanced security in any application. NJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 

Dual & Triple Locking MechanismsNJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 

1.  A new configuration of Mul-T-Lock’s well-honed telescopic pin technology (MT5® and MT5®+)
2.  A new patented Alpha Spring: a mobile element located at the tip of the key, which engages a special pin to create an additional shearline (MT5® and MT5®+)
3.  A powerful side bar locking mechanism, which interacts with unique horizontal finger pins (MT5®+ only)

Together, the 3 mechanisms produce millions of possible locking combinations, significantly heightening the user’s sense of security. 

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Patented key control NJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 
The MT5 patent, in force until 2025, enables excellent key control, which is enhanced by a special key authorization magnetic strip card. Keys are duplicated by a dedicated key cutting machine, upon presentation of the magnetic key card.

Extensive master keying capabilitiesNJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 
The MT5 platform supports a wide range of master key systems, from relatively small and simple networks to very large and complex systems, incorporating both hierarchy and matrix design requirements.

3 in1 optionNJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 
Mul-T-Lock’s 3in1 solution, allowing users to conveniently change the combination without replacing the cylinder, is available in the MT5 platform.NJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 
New Jersey Locksmith (201)85-LOCKS [201 855 6257]
Locksmith friendly featuresNJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 
The MT5’s developers gave a great deal of thought to the needs of Mul-T-Lock’s most faithful partners: the locksmiths. Special features for locksmiths include:NJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 

  • Exclusive keyway options based on a special milled pattern in the key of the MT5+NJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 
  • The ability to design master key systems for customers, using Mul-T-Lock’s MASTERpiece software.
  • The advanced electronic KC5 key cutting machine, that cuts large series of keys by interfacing with MASTERpiece software.
  • Friendly cylinders that may be assembled in the locksmith’s shop.NJ Locksmith New Jersey Locksmith 
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